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CHROME - ADDON - OCR - Project Naptha

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Project Naptha automatically applies state-of-the-art computer vision algorithms on every image you see while browsing the web. The result is a seamless and intuitive experience, where you can highlight as well as copy and paste and even edit and translate the text formerly trapped within an image.


OutWit Images - Allows users to quickly navigate through Web pages and search engine results to harvest countless images automatically or manually. : Add-ons for Firefox

Add-on compatible with Windows, Mac OS, and Linux. OutWit Images distinguishes itself by allowing users to easily save the pictures onto their hard disk while they browse through the results. Grab images with a simple drag and drop, or by setting size or format criteria : if high-resolution pictures can be found behind the thumbnails, the program will extract them automatically. Its sleek, easy-to-use interface displays the thumbnails on a black background and allows to smoothly scroll through quantities of images, making the search efficient and easy. Very good extension for downloading images from the web. Used to like cooliris, but the autocatch feature on this makes it the better image tool.


Flickr: Discussing GM Script: FlickrStayInCommons in Flickr Hacks

On, adds an option to the header [search] dropdown to take you directly to a search for "The Commons" content. Also on photos within "The Commons" project, inserts additional "tag links" that jump to listings restricted to just "The Commons".


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pour re-compresser au maximum de leurs possibilités les pages contenues dans une page. Efficacité maximale.

Creative Commons - Quelques scripts GreaseMonkey pour Flickr

Du fait que je recherche beaucoup d’images sur Flickr, pour gagner du temps j’ai fait quelques scripts. Ces scripts agissent par GreaseMonkey, une extension de Firefox qui permet d’executer du Javascript. Le premier me permet d’avoir une phrase toute faite contenant l’auteur de l’image et la licence, avec des liens pour soutenir l’auteur et les Creative Commons. La phrase ressemblera à : « Image par <auteur> sous <licence>. ». Le second permet de cocher par defaut la case de recherche Creative Commons lors d’une recherche avancée avec Flickr. Les scripts ne sont pas particulièrement soignés mais fonctionnels tant que Flickr ne change pas la structure de son site. Je les met dans le domaine public vu le peu de code.

PopTip - Greasemonkey Customisable - Add pop-up preview to any site - Flickr

Script Summary: Add pop-up preview to any site.(Script homepage).....Rules for popup action must be written in "SITEINFO" in proper format. Properties of SITEINFO url (required)(RegExp) : URL to which the rule is applied. targetElement (required)(XPath) : XPath which select "A" elements. When "mouseover" action occurs on them, linked pages (values of "href" attributes) will be fetched. popupElement (required) (XPath) : XPath which select elements in fetched pages. These elements will be appear in tooltips. disabled (optional) : If you want to disable a rule temporally, set "false". style (optional) : CSS attributes of tooltips. Please be careful to write in CamelCase! (border-width -> borderWidth) stripe (optional) : If you set "true", small icons will be appended to elements on which the action will occur.


TinEye___Extension ___Pour trouver d’autres versions d’une image en ligne

Why use TinEye? There are many uses for TinEye, but here are just a few: * Find out where and how an image appears online * Find websites containing more information about an image * Attribute an image to an author or source * Find high resolution versions of an image * Research the usage and placement of editorial or stock images * Find modified or edited versions of an image * Research corporate imagery or brand usage online * Track the popularity or distribution of an image online

Autosizer - __like Firefox = Image Zoom

Firefox = Image Zoom -> out of the box (probably not all feautures) ; try also

Astuce PicLense__Visionner images de son dique dur__Web du gars Buzzhaut:

Pour Visionner les images et photos en ligne. Avec cette astuce peut aussi traiter toutes les photos du disque dur..! Glisser dossier des photos dans la fenêtre la barre PicLens de Firefox !

Base64 Encoder___Converts image files to base64 data with a preview pane (256 x 256

Converts image files to base64 data with a preview pane (256 x 256) :displays the size and image of the returned data. Options to copy data to browser url location bar, to the clipboard or save to file (default .txt) with a choice of 16 pre-defined format - for images__in FlickR★SurF

Almost six months ago I released, a webapp to remember your favorite images around the web. You can think of it as a for images, if you're familiar with the social bookmarking stuff. It's great as inspiration resource ;)


Image Download

pour télécharger les images de la page, possibilité de filtrer par dimension, renomer automatiquement, créer des sous dossiers.

Batch download

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pour télécharger des xyz01.jpg, xyz02.jpg, xyz03.jpg... vous définissez la séquence de noms de fichiers.

MessageFaces :: Modules pour Thunderbird

Face images are intended to represent the sender, in the form of photos, cartoons, logos and so on. MessageFaces supports embedded PNG Face Headers, X-Face,, local face images and remote Face URLs.

Stationery ___Allow you to use HTML files as templates for mail_____ Modules pour Thunderbird

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Also allow custom template in replies or forwarded mail.Do not use "url(some_image.jpg)" in styles. It not work. It do not send this images with your email. You must use "img" tags, with eventually positioning from CSS. "src" attribute in "img" tag may c

ScreenGrab__Capture d'écran de la page web, en faisant défiler le contenu à votre place.

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produit une copie d'écran de la page web, en faisant défiler le contenu à votre place. Raccord automatiques, sinon ce n'est pas drole. ;-)

Firefox Universal Uploader (fireuploader)_Version 0.3 — 27.06.2007__To upload/download files from any website using a friendly interface

To upload/download files from any website using a friendly interface. like files/photos/videos to Flickr, Picasa, Youtube, of free space) are Facebook in this version. Multiple files to the queue at a time and take care of uploading.

Filter image search results by category with Google Image Type Recognition

The script adds a drop-down box on the search results page that lets you choose your filter type. Just last week we noticed that Google enabled face recognition in their image search

Text To Image___Extension___Prévisualiser lien image

Survolez un lien vers une image, vous verrez une vignette de prévisualisation.

Google Images Re-Linker ____Google image navigation interface extension greasemonkey

Rewrites links in Google Images to point straight to the image instead of the thumbnail in a frame

Magpie 3.2.8 - Now compatible with Firefox 2.0___set of tools that makes saving media

Magpie 3.2.8 - Now compatible with Firefox 2.0.Magpie is a set of tools that makes saving media from web pages easier - you can save all media of a specific type linked from a web page, save all tabs following the current tab, etc to time stamped folders.



Load all pictures from a thumbnail gallery at once and navigate them with arrow keys or mouse. Images may be zoomed with 'z' and 'f', or dropped from the sequence with delete. Another trail of development, based off

AllSizes+ v1.101___Update___Flickr Hacks

Update: New Version! For technical reasons, if you already installed version 1 or 1.01, you should uninstall the old script before upgrading. The following information is for the latest version. Summary This Greasemonkey script makes it easier to access a