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February 2010

BIB - Elephant woman « Couv. ill. en coul. (Photos Suzanne)

Attention, la fréquentation trop intense du fonds d’art de la bibliothèque peut nuire à la santé. Photo extraite de la superbe collection de photos de lecteurs réalisée à la bibliothèque de Bobigny. Merci Suzanne !

January 2009

TWITTER : Recommandation pour l'utiliser comme Outil de communication pour les Musées (An Open Letter to Museums on Twitter)

1. Don't use Twitter to spam me about visiting. 2. It's okay if you start by just following. 3. Once you decide to tweet, make it interesting. 4. Tell me something I can't find on your homepage. 5. Tell me who you are. 6. Respond to people 7. Give me content worthy of your institution. Twitter "radio stations" : * Funny things said by visitors. * Guard feed! (Thanks for the idea, Shelley.) * Institutional superstitions or weird things about the building. * The imagined experiences of a famous artifact, heavily loved interactive, or other institutional mascot (see this Twitter feed, which I doubt is written by AMNH staff). * Haiku about museum work. * A daily or weekly feature on a specific topic. * Jokes, recipes, quotes, and interesting facts. Do you know why there are naked ladies on the front of ships? * Weird and surprising behind-the-scenes victories and challenges. What's it like to prep an exhibition on poop? * Topical, provocative questions.