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12 August 2008 09:15

Bibliotheque OPAC.02 : Une experience pour avoir Google comme moteur de recherche dans l'opac (Get Tooled Up : 'Looking for a Google Box?')

There are, perhaps, four directions we can take: 1. Evaluate the complete range of closed and open source offerings, pick the best, and be prepared to pay a yearly licence fee of an unknown amount 2. Develop our own private search engine, possibly based on ht://Dig [3] or egothor [4] code 3. Make use of the free Google index of our pages 4. License Google technology to do local indexing Each route has its attractions, but the latter two are particularly attractive because of the high degree of trust in, and familiarity with, Google. But the public search has problems: * Google cannot see inside our protected sites * Every search transaction has to leave our site, is dependent on international networks, and uses up bandwidth * The depth and frequency of search is not guaranteed * Google may withdraw the service at any time