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MAPS - World ancestry - Modern genetic data

Modern genetic data combined with appropriate statistical methods have the potential to contribute substantially to our understanding of human history. We have developed an approach that exploits the genomic structure of admixed populations to date and characterize historical mixture events at fine scales. We used this to produce an atlas of worldwide human admixture history, constructed by using genetic data alone and encompassing over 100 events occurring over the past 4000 years. We identified events whose dates and participants suggest they describe genetic impacts of the Mongol empire, Arab slave trade, Bantu expansion, first millennium CE migrations in Eastern Europe, and European colonialism, as well as unrecorded events, revealing admixture to be an almost universal force shaping human populations


DOM events - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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DOM (Document Object Model) events allow event-driven programming languages like JavaScript, JScript, ECMAScript, VBScript and Java to register various event handlers/listeners on the element nodes inside a DOM tree, e.g. HTML, XHTML, XUL and SVG documents. Historically, like DOM, the event models used by various web browsers had some significant differences. This caused compatibility problems. To combat this, the event model was standardized by the W3C in DOM Level 2.


hcalendar-fr - Microformats

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hCalendar est un format simple, ouvert, distribué pour le calendrier et les événements, fondé sur le standard iCalendar (RFC2445 (, adaptable pour l'embarquement dans HTML ou XHTML, Atom, RSS et le XML arbitraire. hCalendar est l'un des nombreux standards ouverts microformat. Vous voulez démarrer par écrire un événement hCalendar ? Utilisez le hCalendar creator ( pour écrire un événement et le publier, ou suivez les trucs de publication hCalendar pour ajouter de la syntaxe hCalendar à votre page d'évènements à venir ou des événements que vous mentionnez dans vos billets de blogs, wikis, etc.

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