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PeerBlock – IPfilter P2P

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PeerBlock lets you control who your computer "talks to" on the Internet. By selecting appropriate lists of "known bad" computers, you can block communication with advertising or spyware oriented servers, computers monitoring your p2p activities, computers which have been "hacked", even entire countries! They can't get in to your computer, and your computer won't try to send them anything either. And best of all, it's free!


Comodo Firewal Pro__Configuration pour Emule hight id [RÉSOLU]__Utorent__Bittorent

Voila un petit Tuto pour ouvrir ses ports dans Comodo. Premièrement, Allez à l'écran du moniteur réseau. Ici, sur : "Ajouter une règle" > "Ajouter" Une nouvelle fenêtre apparaît, mettez votre règle ici. 1 Règle pour le port TCP ....


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This occurs because of the way PeerGuardian blocks packets, not connections. A work around is being developed, but until it is available you may want to apply the patch.