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VIDEO PLAYER - 20 VLC Player Tips and Tricks

VLC is probably the most versatile video player you can download due to its amazing ability to play almost any codec you throw at it. This alone makes this app a worthy addition to your software suite. While most people use VLC as a simple video player, it is so much more than that. VLC is the Swiss Army Knife of video players with features that are hidden and unknown to the casual user.


CSS - 6 Cool Image Captions with CSS3

nous allons vous montrer comment créer les légendes des images avec diverses transitions simplement en utilisant CSS3. Simple transition effect with only CSS3.How to create image captions with various transitions simply using CSS3, dependent on transform and transition properties.


My Adobe Lightroom Add-Ons : The Picasa2Lightroom Button + Free Adobe Lightroom : Analog Photography Presets« Camiel Schoonens

The Picasa2Lightroom Button : Very easy to post process your favorite pictures in Lightroom, while your picture database and basic editing (crop, straighten, red-eye) stays in Picasa. If you know your way in Lightroom you can also define an export script which exports your post processed images back to the directory that is being indexed by Picasa. This way, all your images, originals and edited shot are being stored in one and the same place. Free Adobe Lightroom : Analog Photography Presets :

Fotowoosh : de la 3D à partir d'une unique photo - Recherche Google

Fotowoosh : de la 3D à partir d'une unique photo : Passer d'une image plane à une vue en trois dimensions,

rsizr - Outil en ligne pour Redimensionner selon la méthode du seam carving__Recherche Google

RsizR est l‘outil révolutionnaire en ligne pour redimensionner selon la méthode du seam carving, avec en plus l’utilisation des zones à préserver,

Manycam - Egayer un peu vos conversations vidéos ...Recherche Google

(quelque soit la Webcam utilisée, ancienne ou récente) en ajoutant quelques effets spéciaux amusants directement.Offre un large panel d'effets des plus simples aux plus loufoques


How To: How to create the grunge effect with Photoshop - Lifehacker

a helpful tutorial on creating a grunge look in an image in Photoshop, like the one pictured above with the grungy corner.