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September 2009

DAEMON Tools - Emulation de lecteurs de CD-Rom -

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Logiciel d'émulation de lecteurs de CD-Rom ou de DVD-Rom virtuels à partir d'une image disque (ISO, CUE, CCD,...).

May 2009

BurnCDCC - Graver ISO - Gratuit

This utility is used to burn an ISO file to a CD/DVD/BD disc. Many new systems come with a limited CD/DVD software package that lacks the ability to burn ISO files.

October 2008

Virtual CloneDrive Mounts ISOs and Other Disk Images Without Burning a Disc

Windows only: Free application Virtual CloneDrive mounts any common disk image file type as a virtual drive that you can browse as though it's a normal hard drive without burning a disc. The app supports popular disk image types like ISO, BIN, and CCD, and mounting an image once you've installed CloneDrive is as simple as double-clicking the file. We've covered similar tools in the past, but CloneDrive is the simplest implementation we've seen, and it's made by SlySoft, the folks who develop the popular DVD decryptor, AnyDVD. Virtual CloneDrive is a free download, Windows only.