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CheckPlaces - Restore Favicons + Check your bookmarks in different ways - Firefox Extension

CheckPlaces is a Firefox extension that allows you to check your bookmarks in different ways. There is a basic check of your bookmarks, and optional checks that the pages still exist, duplicate bookmarks, and empty folders. You can also use it to restore favicons that have gone missing, and compact and check the integrity of the Places database. * Export an XML file with the results in * Update/overwrite existing favicons * Ignores all invalid security certificates or other SSL popups * Database check and compact messages to results window * Added support for Firefox 4.0 *Details were missing from 'Show excluded items' dialog.


AllDup - Le blog de

Alldup analyse vos disques durs, vos lecteurs réseau ou bien seulement certains répertoires en fonction de certains critères et liste ensuite les fichiers en double. Il existe quatre types de recherche. • recherche des fichiers du même nom • recherche des fichiers ayant le même contenu • recherche des fichiers ayant le même contenu et le même nom • recherche de fichiers ayant le même contenu et la même extension de fichier

2006 tag stemmer

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This page uses Porter stemming to show where you've made different tags with the same English word stem. You can use it to help clean up your personal fauxonomy

Delicious Duplicate

Removes all duplicate links on - created because the existing ' undupe' userscript doesn't work anymore.

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