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08 October 2009 11:30

08 October 2009 11:15

HP Smart Web Printing - Choisir et organiser ce que l'on veut imprimer....

When I do need to print, HP's addon gives me the option to combine multiple web pages on one sheet of paper, eliminate elements I don't need to print, and it even allows saving to PDF. Always nice to see the big boys release something great for free.

OpenItOnline - Office Extension Firefox - Envois DOC, XLS, et les autres formats supportés, sur "ZohoViewer" pour ouverture Online

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I don't do enough work with Office-type documents anymore to warrant installing a suite on my laptop. OpenItOnline lets me send DOC, XLS, and all the other supported file types to ZohoViewer for perusal instead of downloading them. It supports all Zoho and Google Docs apps to open files.

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