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May 2007

Référence de JavaScript 1.5 Core:Objets globaux:String:replace - MDC

Trouve une correspondance entre une expression rationnelle et une chaîne, et remplace la sous-chaîne trouvée par une nouvelle sous-chaîne.

April 2007

Hacking Web 2.0 Applications with Firefox

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This article looks at some of the methods, tools and tricks to dissect web 2.0 applications (including Ajax) and discover security holes using Firefox and its plugins. The key learning objectives of this article are to understand the:

April 2006

February 2006

Using Platypus__extension pour voir et modifier page web

Platypus is a tool for changing a web page (such as removing an ad) and optionally creating a Greasemonkey script to make that same change then next time you visit that page. To save scripts, you need to have Greasemonkey installed. To share a Platypus