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May 2008

Optimization: UltimateDefrag Moves Apps and Files for Quicker Access

High-priority programs in the most easily-accessed parts of your hard drive with UltimateDefrag. Normal data-ordering of a standard defragmenting app, but lets you choose which data to place on the outer, or faster, portions of your disk.

May 2007

Erase a hard drive for good

ZDNet's Robin Harris explains how you can wipe a hard drive clean, leaving zero traces of data.A freeware utility called Secure Erase, which taps into "a set of commands embedded into most ATA drives built since 2001." It'll scour it clean enough to satis

March 2007

How to mount a Windows shared folder on your Mac

So you've made the switch to Mac, but kept your old PC, and now you've got both connected to your home router. How do you access your Windows files from OS X?