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USERSTYLES - DeviantArt Forum - 2014 - Installing UserStyles directly from dA – DeviantArt

Instead of having to get an account, it would be much easier to be able to install user styles directly from dA. The process for the upload could be similar to what we have with installable skins right now (based on .txt files with mandatory wrapping code). Imo it's also more logical if dA styles would stay on dA. No need to rely on outside sources. If implemented there needs to be an way to be able to update styles though, to work on bug fixes or do updates from time to time. Similar to the installable skins, you then would have an install button at the deviation page of those styles directly. This would be less scary for people who are warned that there are monsters outside dA and - which would be another big plus (i am totally not biased here lol) - it would make miscats to that gallery nearly impossible.


Deleket icons on deviantART: download outstanding free icon packs

Its not just that the quality of icons is outstanding, but this designer’s prolific output is quite an achievement: I counted thirty icon packs displayed across two gallery pages (with more surely to come soon). More notes on these:


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