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FLICKR - WEB Flickr API Forum

Discussion group and support for the Flickr API

Freebox - DevDays - SDK Qt + fbx

SDK Qt + fbx: Qml est un langage. Il permet de mélanger une scène déclarative (penser HTML) et du Javascript pour réaliser l'interactivité. QtQuick est la bibliothèque standard fournie par Qt avec ce langage (objets visuels, images, timers, etc.). QtQuick fournit une interface avec le monde extérieur à travers l'API XMLHttpRequest. Qt est une bibliothèque pour développer des applications graphiques portables. QtDeclarative est la partie de Qt qui fournit le support de QML et QtQuick. Freebox ajoute une bibliothèque fbx

DEV - Firefox 32.0 - Page Inspector - Firefox Developer Tools | MDN

Use the Inspector to examine and modify the structure and layout of a page. There are two main ways to open the Inspector: - without an element selected: choose the "Inspector" option from the "Web Developer" menu or the equivalent keyboard shortcut - with an element selected: right-click an element on a web page and select "Inspect Element"

GM - DEV - Greasemonkey Tutorial for Beginners

In Greasemonkey tutorial, I have covered how to write Greasemonkey user scripts. After this tutorial,you will be able to write user-scripts for Greasemonkey. Topics covered: GreaseMonkey Installation Hello World Example Adding a Button Reading/Modifying HTML content Loading External Scripts.

FIR XPI - DEV - Force CORS Firefox Extension

a very simple extension for Firefox that adds the Cross Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) Access-Control- HTTP headers to all responses before they're processed by the browser. This essentially disables the browser's same origin policy and allows cross domain calls even if the web server does not support CORS. The default setting adds the following headers to every response:

DEV - Frontend Development Bookmarks - on Blog on

Frontend Development Bookmarks “A huge list of frontend development resources collected over time, from general knowledge to concrete problems.


A group of developers working towards a client-side solution for delivering alternate image data based on device capabilities to prevent wasted bandwidth and optimize display for both screen and print.

PIN BUTTON : Bookmarklet Builder

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To compress your code into a single-line as is required by bookmarklets, you could use this tool:


FIREFOX - Profile Manager | MDN - Multiple installations de differentes versions de Firefox

Firefox and other XULRunner applications store user settings and data in special folders, called profiles. Firefox provides a built-in applet to manage these profiles, but it will eventually be going away (see bug 214675), so a new standalone Profile Manager application has been created, which works with any XULRunner application, and has many features not found in Firefox's built-in version.

CSS - Super useful tools for CSS coding |

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Lorsque vous développez un site Web ou une application Web, avoir les bons outils peut certainement vous aider à économiser beaucoup de temps. Dans cet article, j'ai compilé une liste d'outils utiles et super pour le codage CSS


The App Garden on Flickr

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Dopiaza's Set Manager by dopiaza Dopiaza's Set Manager is an on-line tool to allow flickr users to automatically create new sets based on a variety of criteria - you can define set...

Development resources - MozillaZine Knowledge Base

Development resources From MozillaZine Knowledge Base Websites that are useful for Mozilla development. This knowledge base also has a few articles on extension development.

XUL (XML User Interface Language) - MDC

XUL (XML User Interface Language) is Mozilla's XML-based language that lets you build feature-rich cross platform applications that can run connected or disconnected from the Internet. These applications are easily customized with alternative text, graphics and layout so they can be readily branded or localized for various markets. Web developers already familiar with Dynamic HTML (DHTML) will learn XUL quickly and can start building applications right away. Open XUL Periodic Table in Firefox or another Gecko-based browser to see some XUL demos.

DOM Inspector (also known as DOMi) - developer tool - MDC

The DOM Inspector (also known as DOMi) is a developer tool used to inspect, browse, and edit the Document Object Model of documents - usually web pages or XUL windows. The DOM hierarchy can be navigated using a two-paned window that allows for a variety of different views on the document and all nodes within.

DOM events - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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DOM (Document Object Model) events allow event-driven programming languages like JavaScript, JScript, ECMAScript, VBScript and Java to register various event handlers/listeners on the element nodes inside a DOM tree, e.g. HTML, XHTML, XUL and SVG documents. Historically, like DOM, the event models used by various web browsers had some significant differences. This caused compatibility problems. To combat this, the event model was standardized by the W3C in DOM Level 2.

Créer un plugin OpenSearch - Divers - Cours - Tutoriels divers concernant la bureautique

Un plugin OpenSearch est, comme son nom l'indique, un plugin de recherche. Ces plugins fonctionnent non seulement sur Firefox 2.0, mais aussi sur Internet Explorer 7, ce qui leur garantit une compatibilité avec les navigateurs les plus utilisés. Un plugin OpenSearch se présente souvent sous la forme d'un moteur de recherche dans la barre de recherche présente à droite de la barre d'adresse.

Curiosity is bliss: XMLHttpRequest - Security Bypass

While trying to help Dare make his MovieFinder page run in Firefox, I ran into an issue that can make developing AJAX applications a pain: when testing your pages, you need to host them in the same domain as your services. I explain the details of the problem and how the "XMLHttpRequest - Bypass Security" Greasemonkey user script solves it. Note: this script is meant for development only, as it gives the page access to a potentially dangerous API. The default @include is "file:///*", but feel free to restrict it even further to the path for the pages you're trying to tweak. You should never have to @include an http ur

Windows PowerShell - Wikipédia

Windows PowerShell, anciennement Microsoft Command Shell -MSH-, (nom de code Monad) est une interface en ligne de commande et un langage de script développé par Microsoft. Il est basé sur la programmation orientée objet et le framework Microsoft .NET.La version finale a été publiée le 14 novembre 2006. Microsoft prévoit que le shell PowerShell sera également inclus dans Microsoft Exchange Server 2007, qui devrait sortir au quatrième trimestre 2006. PowerShell est compatible avec toutes les versions de Windows qui supportent la version 2.0 de .NET. Depuis le 24 mars 2009, PowerShell 1.0 pour Windows XP et Vista est distribué comme une mise à jour logicielle facultative par le service Windows Update de Microsoft.


New LINQ provider for Flickr - Mehfuz's WebLog

LINQ provider for Flickr gives an easy way to query , add and delete Flickr photos. Here, I will give some sneak preview about how to use the provider to do different operations on Flickr, as if doing queries with SQL objects.