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June 2008

Ophcrack Live CD___When you can't log into that old Windows PC , try booting up using the Ophcrack Live CD

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Ophcrack will detect all the users set up on your Windows systems, and reveal their passwords—if the passwords are relatively easy to crack. See Adam's screenshot tour of how Ophcrack works, and which Windows passwords it was able to crack or it wasn't.

October 2007

OpenSSL - outil pour récupération certificat freephonie_Recherche Google

Boite à outils de chiffrement : cryptographie générale et protocole SSL. Implémentation cryptographie et nombre de fonctions utiles. Grâce aux wrappers, il est possible d'utiliser la bibliothèque OpenSSL dans une grande variété de langages inform

March 2007

How passwords get cracked

The man at One Man's Blog explains how alarmingly easy it is to crack passwords and offers tips on choosing safer ones. First, he breaks down the steps he'd take in cracking a password. That includes the simple act of guessing the top ten passwords (pe

February 2007

Convert DRM-protected WMA files to unprotected MP3s

Web site Instructables details how to free your purchased Windows Media Audio files from the confines of both DRM and WMA.