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How to Improve the Memory Performance of Your Windows7 PC | Windows 7 News

Getting the best performance out of your Windows7 OS can involve bringing in many 3rd party tools. But before you do that, try some in house tools first. Step 1: Go to the Control Panel Step 2: Select System and Security Step 3: Select System Step 4: Select Advanced System Settings Step 5: Select Performance – Settings Step 6: On the Visual Effects Tab, select Adjust for Best Performance. This will clear any selections that may be present.t Step 7. On the Advanced tab select programs. Step 8. Select the Change button. Step 9: Customize the size of the cache Click Custom size Enter the initial size (the recommended amount) Enter the maximum size (add 100 to the initial size or some other number so you have a range, minimum to maximum). Click Set Click OK You may have to reboot your system.


Firefox MemMoins– un peu plus de mémoire disponible ... - Recherche Google

Permet de convertir la mémoire RAM utilisée par Firefox en une mémoire paginée accessible sur le disque. ..


5 Tips To Reduce Firefox Memory and Cache Usage

Sometimes I just feel that Firefox is such a memory hog. Once I start to open up a few extra tabs, it starts to slow down my whole system. Fortunately, you can do something about it. Here are simple tips and tricks to reduce firefox memory and cache consumption.

Limite mémoire vive xp pro 32bits___Voir le SWAP

Le problème cest la mémoire SWAP sous windows, aucun rapport avec le matériel : Propriété system -> avancé -> performance parametre -> avancé -> modifier -> Et regle 1536-3072mo sur ton disque avec windows