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iRadar: Useful Free Tool: Use OpenDNS to Block Ads

Tired of online ads like I am? I have Firefox’s Adblock Plus and Safari AdBlock installed on my computer, but it becomes rather annoying to keep installing these applications on my multiple machines as well as every time I format them. To make ad blocking simpler I opted to use OpenDNS to block ads on the DNS level. To make this hack work you must configure your router to use OpenDNS’s servers (trust me you will want to do this anyway – their servers are FAST!) by following the OpenDNS tutorials. Secondly you must signup for a free OpenDNS account so you can setup network filters.


Comment rendre Gmail plus sexy : Insertion d'image directement dans votre mail! - ( Gmail Labs )

"Une image vaut 1000 mots" : Connectez-vous à Gmail: - "Paramètres" dans le coin en haut à droite. - Cliquez sur le Labs "onglet". - Activez "Insertion d'images". - Enregistrer et retour à votre page Gmail. - Dans la «barre d'outils Mise en forme avancée", icône «Insérer une image". - Cliquez sur ce lien. (Vous trouverez également une option 'url adresse Web ". - Utilisez la fenêtre pop-up pour télécharger / insérer une image. - Cliquez sur l'image et cela montre au survol une barre d'outils avec les options pour la redimensionner à la petite-moyenne-grande - Format de l'original - Supprimer. - Choisissez votre option. (Vous pouvez également choisir un emplacement pour placer l'image dans le message.) Là, vous avez maintenant votre image où vous le souhaitez - en ligne. Vous êtes maintenant un c"Power User".

10 Great Uses For Google Desktop(2006) - Google Operating System unofficial Tips

Google Desktop lets you search your computer and have tiny bits of information at your fingertips if you use Google Gadgets. Everybody knows that. But Google Desktop can have other interesting uses. 7. File versioning: You can use Google Desktop to revert to a previous version of a document (text file, Office document, HTML file). Google Desktop keeps all the versions of a file, so it may be useful if you don't backup your files. 8. Most recent documents : Google Desktop has a timeline that lets you the files created or modified recently. 10. Gmail replacement: Gmail is down or your internet connection is down. You don't use a desktop mail client, but you need to find an important mail. Fortunately, Google Desktop indexes your mail (if you want to), so you can search your messages and read them offline. The attachments aren't saved on your PC.


8 Tips To Make FireFox Search Friendly |

1. Install the Google Toolbar. 2. Take advantage of FireFox search plugins Or create your own. Let’s take a quick look at how you can create your own search plugin for any search engine or site you refer to daily: * search the site you are creating the plugin for; * copy the query string; * change your search term in the query string for {searchTerms}; * go to and complete the form as shown below; 3. Use FireFox “smart keywords” feature(it allows you to search right from the address bar). 4. Use The CyberSearch FireFox plugin (download it here).Another way to search from the address bar. It supports multiple Google services... 5. Tweak your FireFox about:config settings.Yet another way to search from the address bar. (tip by FireFox facts). 6. Use Search Bookmarklets 7. Search Highlighted Words With Multiple EnginesSearch the highlighted word using multiple search engines: KallOut8. Search The Web (Or Any Website) With One Searchy