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ANONYMAT - Lantern - Un clone de TOR sans anonymat « Korben Korben

Sans pour autant assurer l'anonymat relatif que Tor permet, Lantern est une nouvelle initiative qui permet à ceux qui ont un internet censuré, de passer par la connexion d'autres Internautes à l'autre bout du monde afin d'accéder librement à l'information.



Tor-Proxy.NET Toolbar :: Modules pour Firefox

No service in the world could be completely safe. (Also not the ones who tell you so!) This service could be infiltrated by hackers or government. Also there could be some weaknesses in the TOR-Architecture. But it is safer than not using this service.

Tor-Proxy.NEt__FAQ__If you are using TOR, why should I not use it directly?

You should! But there are a lot of people who are accessing the Internet and can not install TOR. Probably they do not have full access to there computer, or firewall blocks connection to TOR. Also, TOR is forbidden in some countries, or fail to install