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CSS3 - SCROLL - NEW - Native CSS Scroll Snap Points | CSS-Tricks

The newly-introduced CSS “snap points” properties could make it a whole lot easier to create CSS-only scroll effects (once browser support catches up). This post from Sergey Gospodarets' blog includes demos of snappy scrolling for image galleries and full-page vertical scrolling.

IMAGE - New Format - BPG/JPEG comparison on the Lena picture

BPG/JPEG comparison on the Lena picture [The BPG images are decoded in your browser with a small Javascript decoder. The JPEG images were compressed with mozjpeg + jpegcrush.]


CSS - 6 Cool Image Captions with CSS3

nous allons vous montrer comment créer les légendes des images avec diverses transitions simplement en utilisant CSS3. Simple transition effect with only CSS3.How to create image captions with various transitions simply using CSS3, dependent on transform and transition properties.


PicLens: Le web comme au cinéma (pour Mac)

PicLens vous propose une expérience unique et originale pour visionner les photos et images du web en plein écran.Version Windows disponible très prochainement.


Random Photo Browser_Flickr

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I created an alternative to Explore last night called Random. Not necessarily any better than Explore, quality-wise, but no worse, and it doesn't show nearly as many repeats. It works by picking a random Flickr user and then showing you some of their rece

Flickrfox codestream » flickrfox

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Flickrfox (Firefox Extension)Flickrfox Flickr dans la barre de tache de Firefox et sidebar. Flickrfox lets you browse flickr photostreams in a sidebar in firefox. It makes managing groups, searching tags, and keeping up with your contacts easy, and it’s a fun way to explore flickr.