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ONLINE TOOL - resizeMyBrowser

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Outer means outerWindow size (including toolbar, addressbar and such), Inner means innerWindow size (interior of the browser window).

CSS - Using DevTools to Tweak Designs in the Browser | CSS-Tricks - 2017

Let's look at some ways we can use the browsers DevTools to do design work. There are a few somewhat hidden tricks you mind find handy!



CSS - Responsive Design - Break-points come from content

To me, it seems more realistic to check our layouts through viewports of arbitrary dimensions and shapes. We don't need anything fancy, we can simply drag the bottom right corner of our favorite desktop browser to enter... "Device Agnostic Mode".


Alamy____moteur de recherche d’images

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Alamy est un moteur de recherche d’images qui agrège les créations de milliers de photographes, agences et collections nationales. le site offre également l’édition et la classification des images..

Browse.delicious______visual browser

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visual browser that let users explore and browse through a sample data-set of