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December 2009

WinToFlash – Créer une clé USB bootable pour installer Windows XP, Vista ou 7 he Google

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Trés simple d'utilisation : un gros bouton pour démarrer la procedure et ensuite choisir l'emplacement de son Windows et celui de sa clef c'est tout !.

June 2008

How do I create a bootable USB Flash Drive?_Cary Easy Usb Drive

Follow these steps below to create a bootable USB flash drive. In any case, make sure to have a backup of all important data from your PC before you start. CoSoSys cannot be held responsible for whatever happens after following the described steps.

May 2008

Lifehacker__Fedora 9 Linux__After the jump, let's create a fully-functional desktop-to-go using a simple Windows program and a 1GB Thumb drive

A three-click affair.You don't need Linux installed to create it, you can leave the data on your thumb drive untouched, and any files you create or settings you tweak remain in place the next time you boot up.

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