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Boot Multiple ISO from USB (MultiBoot USB) | USB Pen Drive Linux

How to create a Multiboot USB Flash Drive that you can use to Boot Multiple ISO Files from USB. Please note that you might need a 8GB-16GB or larger USB flash device to be able to support every bootable ISO entry. I will update and add more Bootable ISO files to the list as I find the time to test them. You can also contact me to submit working Bootable Linux ISO menu.lst entries for inclusion.

MultiSystem - How To Boot 10 Different Live CDs From 1 USB Flash Drive - How-To Geek

Ever get the urge to try out a bunch of Linux distros at once? Maybe you’re hosting a Linux installation party. Here’s an easy way to get a bunch of Live CDs working from a single thumb drive. 10 Distributions, You Say? MultiSystem is a really easy tool made to run on Ubuntu and Ubuntu-based distros that you can use to play with various LiveCDs at once, or to create the ultimate recovery device. If you don’t use Ubuntu, you can use an Ubuntu Live CD to install MultiSystem so that you can create your super live USB drive without having to run Linux as your main OS. It’s best to download your ISOs ahead of time, and select a USB drive large enough to house them all. I actually went with an 8 GB SD card (used via a USB adapter). Here are some of the popular and interesting distros I used.


WinToFlash – Créer une clé USB bootable pour installer Windows XP, Vista ou 7 he Google

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Trés simple d'utilisation : un gros bouton pour démarrer la procedure et ensuite choisir l'emplacement de son Windows et celui de sa clef c'est tout !.


Ophcrack Live CD___When you can't log into that old Windows PC , try booting up using the Ophcrack Live CD

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Ophcrack will detect all the users set up on your Windows systems, and reveal their passwords—if the passwords are relatively easy to crack. See Adam's screenshot tour of how Ophcrack works, and which Windows passwords it was able to crack or it wasn't.

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