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GAME - ONLINE DRAWING - ANBT - Enhancement script for Drawception

ANBT is a script that will improve the comfort in drawing. It allows you to play Drawception with the new canvas and see the replays of others who had drawn with it. It also adds various site usability enhancements: dark theme, menu buttons, chat, "like all" button and more. ANBT on

CSP - BOOKMARKLET - The Resurrection of Bookmarklets

I use the @resource command to access my 56K JavaScript library file, get the contents of it, and directly insert that .JS file document text using the script object .text property instead of the .src property.


BOOKMARKLET - IMAGE - Slideshow-Deslidefier

Bookmarklet: Deslide If you browse a slideshow and have the above link bookmarked, clicking on the bookmark will open a new window with the slideshow 'deslideshowified' by submitting the viewed site's URL to this web application.

BOOKMARKLET - McReadability

McReadability is a multi-column version of Arc90's Readability bookmarklet. The original Readability is now defunct, but you can still use this version. McReadability formats the text in constant-height columns. You scroll horizontally. Choose your settings and drag the McReadbility link below to your browser's toolbar.


BOKMARKLET - jQuery UI dialog in Bookmarklet and GreaseMonkey - Stack Overflow

Thanks to some awesome answers in other threads, I learned how to: load jQuery and jQuery-UI in a bookmarklet load a CSS into a bookmarklet using jQuery create a DIV in a bookmarklet using jQuery create jQuery UI dialog (external link) and I could manage to combine all four things into a single script which works both as a BookMarklet and as a GreaseMonkey script, which is absolutely awesome.

FIR ADDON - Bookmarks - BibSonomy :: buttons

Add three useful BibSonomy control buttons to your browser by installing this add-on: __ with one click to BibSonomy __ store a publication __ store a bookmark


PIN BUTTON : Bookmarklet Builder

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To compress your code into a single-line as is required by bookmarklets, you could use this tool:


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Responsive design bookmarklet : Viewport resizer is a browser-based tool to test any website’s responsiveness.


CSS - FONT - ONLINE TOOL - FontDropper 1000 - Play with Web Fonts

Play with Web Fonts: This is the easiest way to test or design with web fonts from WebINK. Just open FontDropper 1000 on any web page and start dropping fonts. See your changes instantly. Adjust font size, color, spacing and more

CSS - TOOL (Bookmarklet) -Favelets + Favelet Creator - To diagnose CSS error

Favelets: these just dynamically write a link element into the head of the document. The link points to a style sheet. This allows for "diagnosis" favelets that are easy to update or change (you just edit the style sheet). Favelet Creator Input the URL of the style sheet you want to use in your favelet, and the name of the favelet as you want it to appear in your toolbar. The "Favelet" link should automatically update to use those values; you then simply drag it into your favorites toolbar.

BOOKMARKS bookmarklet - PSE (Personnal Search Engine) - Un moteur de recherche pour vos bookmarks « Korben Korben

PSE (Personnal Search Engine) - Si vous utilisez encore le gestionnaire de bookmarks (marques-page) de votre navigateur, vous éprouvez peut être des difficultés à vous y retrouver tellement il y a de liens sauvegardés. Heureusement, il existe un petit bookmarklet qui s'ajoute dans la barre des bookmarks de votre navigateur et qui permet de gérer en local et de manière super simple vos bookmarks. PSE (Personnal Search Engine) est une véritable petite application qui permet avant tout d'importer ses bookmarks existant pour les indexer dans la recherche. (Bookmarklet ) : Chiffrez vos communications électroniques grâce à ce bookmarklet | Korben

En vous rendant sur le site, vous trouverez un bookmarklet à glisser déposer dans votre barre de favoris et qui vous permettra de chiffrer en AES vos communications électroniques écrites.Que vous soyez sur un forum ou un webmail (Hotmail, Gmail...etc.), vous surlignez votre message avec votre souris, puis vous cliquez sur ce bookmarklet et hop ! Après avoir saisi un long mot de passe de votre choix, votre message sera chiffré sur votre ordinateur et sera prêt à être envoyé.


BIB - Greasemonkey Script - Exemple - Améliorer le statut d'un livre dans le catalogue en Ligne d'une Bibliothèque) - Group LAPL Holds by status for Greasemonkey

Groups Los Angeles Public Library ( holds (requests) by status: Ready for Pickup, In Transit, or Pending. Instead of just listing the holds by status, this userscript groups them by status. For holds that are Ready for Pickup it shows for each pickup date: * The number of days you have left to pick up your holds. Remember that "a $1.00 fee will be charged if an item placed on hold is not canceled or picked up by the "Hold Until" date." * The day of the week when the holds are due to be picked up * The pickup date * and the number of items to be picked up by that date. This is then followed by the items due to be picked up sorted by title. For holds that are Pending I list the items by the ratio of available # of copies to queue position. This gives you some idea of the order in which your holds will be available. If the ratio is above 1.00 you can expect the hold to be available "soon" (within 3 weeks).

BIB - Greasemonkey Script - Exemple - Relier le catalogue en ligne d'une bibliothèque et des services comme Amazon ( US, Canada, France Germany and Japan, not UK) - Amazon TorPLib Linky for Greasemonkey

Customized Carrick Mundell’s LibraryLookup Greasemonkey script for the Seattle Public Library) to do the same for the Toronto Public Library. What’s it do? On any book listing page, the script inserts a hyper-link below the book title which, when clicked, will search for the book in the Toronto Public Library catalog. the Library Search Url and Library Name are now separate variables to make it a little easier to customized for other Library Systems. It does not work for the UK site. Why? Because the UK does not use the same class element names to give it a place to insert the html rewrite link. In fact, it only uses 2 class names on the whole item page. The Style Sheet and classes are there, they just don’t use them. Weird. This particular madness was kickoff by John Udell who started the LibraryLookup Project ( in 2002 (with bookmarklet’s). Many Thanks.

BIB - Exemple de Bookmarklet et de Script Greasemonkey pour relier le catalogue en ligne d'une bibliothèque et des services comme Amazon - eBranch::Catalog Search Tools - Amazon Lookup

Catalog Bookmarklet Works with Internet Explorer or Firefox. Simply drag this LCLS Book Lookup to your Links bar in Internet Explorer or your Bookmarks Toolbar in Firefox. When ever you are on a Barnes & Noble or Amazon page with 10 digit ISBN numbers just click on the LCLS Book Lookup and it will search the Lycoming County Library System Catalog. For best results use the Amazon LCLS Lookup below. Adding a bookmarklet: Internet Explorer Instructions | Instructions for Firefox and Internet Explorer Amazon LCLS Lookup : Do you use® to locate books? Wish you could easily find out if the Library owns a book you have found? Now you can! : Our Amazon LCLS Lookup tool displays information about the Library status of books you find in Amazon, right on the Amazon results page. Just click on the link on the Amazon page and you wil see if a title is available locally. The Lookup tool requires the Firefox web browser. Look for this yellow box on any Amazon results page


MODI: Mouseover DOM Inspector - Recherche Google

Bookmarklet permettant de voir et de manipuler le DOM d'une page Web simplement en déplaçant le pointeur de la souris dans le document.


Gagnez en productivité grâce à ces 2 outils performants : Firebug Lite & ReCSS

Firebug. Certainement le meilleur plugin Firefox d’aide au développement. Un seul problème, et de taille : sa compatibilité. Firebug n’est malheureusement pas compatible avec Internet Explorer, et l’Internet Explorer Developer Toolbar ne fait pas le poids. Une alternative existe avec Firebug Lite : Seule restriction : les fonctionnalités sont limitées à l’exploration du contenu (”Inspect“). FireBug Lite peut aussi être utilisé comme bookmarklet sur n’importe quel site. Pour utiliser FireBug Lite comme bookmarklet, ajoutez à vos favoris le lien suivant : FireBug Lite Bookmarklet Une alternative existe avec Firebug Lite. Une simple ligne de code JavaScript à intégrer dans vos pages et vous retrouverez sous Internet Explorer, Opera ou Safari votre panneau Firebug !


How do you post to your blog? Let me count the ways

Just how many different ways can you post stuff to your blog? Library Clips has come up with quite a few; around 18 in fact.There's the standard bookmarklet and button options, but there's also quite a few on this list that I haven't seen before. What's y


nutr.itio.us____Outils Gestion Bookmark - Outils Collaboratifs

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j'ai découvert tout récemment Ce bookmarklet remédie au problème principal de Delicious: la liberté donnée à chacun de créer ses propres rubriques - mots clés et par là même d'empêcher la mise en commun des ressources. En effet u Randomizer

Each time you hit the Randomizer Button, will bounce you to a random new page recently bookmarked by other users. By visiting the help page devoted to Randomizer Buttons, you can grab a bookmarklet of your own to sta

Flickr: - All Our Flickr Photos on Google Maps! - GeoTagging Flickr (-) - All Our Flickr Photos on Google Maps! view profile aemkei Pro User [ FS FI INT ] says: After the great feedback on the Localize Bookmarklet I got the next secret something for you guys: A tool to browse the world of Flickr photos! Here you – Explore your world through everyone's eyes ___Bookmarklet Flickr extention

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A smart way to browse and locate Flickr images on large map of the world. Filter photos by selecting a specific tag or searching for your buddy's user name. All navigation is done without any page refresh. An app that may save your boring afternoons. pro

Geotag your Flickr photos with the Localize bookmarklet

lickrStorm searches and collects Flickr images flickrstorm.png flickrstorm.png FlickrStorm is a third-party Flickr search tool that aims to give you new ways to search and collect photographs from Flickr. For example, searching for "coffee" will a