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03 August 2017 08:45

TELEPHONE - BACKUP - NOKIA - How to Backup your Nokia phone Contacts to computer

Follow the steps below to Save Nokia contacts to PC – 1. Download and Install Nokia PC Suite version of your phone model on computer. 2. Connect your Nokia phone to computer via a USB cable or Bluetooth connection. 3. Launch Nokia PC Suite and open the “Contacts” option. 4. Nokia Communication Centre will now open, and the Contacts of your connected device will appear. Select all the contacts using Ctrl+A or choose specific contacts by selecting the preferred contacts while holding the Ctrl key.5. Open the File menu and select the “Export” option. A window will now appear asking where to save the .csv file of phone contacts. Save the file.6. Upon exporting the contacts, you will see ‘contacts exported’ message. You can also edit contacts before exporting them. Open the .csv file with MS Excel. This method is recommended if you don’t want to create a full backup of phone data and settings because that doesn’t lets you explore the contacts, as the backup file is saved with .nbu extension. Though, you can open .nbu backup files with Nokia Nbu explorer but that’s a pretty typical task. Note – You may not be able to backup contacts of some Nokia phones using this method because Nokia PC suite is not supported by low end phones.

03 August 2017 08:30

TELEPHONE - TOOL - Nokia Nbu explorer – How to open .nbu Backup files

2009 - Nokia NbuExplorer is a free & small tool which allows opening the backup files from Nokia PC Suite which is a .nbu file. It is an excellent parser, extractor and viewer of Nokia NBU backup file (produced by Nokia Content Copier). You can browse and export contacts, messages, calendar, photos, files, etc