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Trailr - Save lot of your time On Flickr - Assembla

Trailr enables you to save lot of your time. Please forget the word copy&past because soon you won't need it anymore. Have a flickr experience like it should be: without all of those effort for copying, pasting, managing of those invitation, award or comment code snippets. With Trailr, that will become as easy as batting your eyes.


There are 4 excellent little applications at, by Louise___Flickr: Discussing 4 excellent, secret, little applications in Flickr Hacks

Quick View Links - Adds view Large/ Original links to descriptions Code Paster - Enter group codes quickly and easily View On Black - Paste Codes to add links to pics on a black background Random Photo - Add a 'Best of the best' random image display to your group.


Flickr: Discussing Flickr Groopy - "Views nn" Group Photo Manager in Flickr API

a small application called Flickr Groopy to help manage photos in the "Views nn" set of groups. This application exists because I am a big fan of a collection of Flickr Groups called Views 25 through to Views 25000.


Rulr (group view) on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

small app to handle photos in those many "metrics" groups more automatically. Metric groups I call those like "100-200 views" groups that put measures on a photo's attendance to one group. Often these groups are cascaded into subsequences of the metrics t

Flickr: Discussing Finding list of non-reciprocal contacts in Flickr Hacks

s there a script to get a list of people who YOU call a contact but they don't have you as a contact? Or something like the "unknown reverse contacts" which highlight in red people who call you a contact but you don't call them a contact, but doing just t

Invite Pool Sweepr on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Invite Pool Sweepr is a program that sweeps through an invite only photo pool and locates uninvited photos that can then be removed from the pool by the group admin. I've blurred out the code that the program looks for in the Big Faves pool.

Invite Pool Sweepr Documentation___Flickr

you will want to fill in your group's invite code in the Invite Code box. Then you will have the option of filling in an alternate invite code if you wish. This is useful if your group's invite code has changed, or there are 2 different invite codes, one


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