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July 2007

Contact Crossing_Flickr application pour conaitre vos contacts mutuels

Permet de connaitre les contacts mutuels et non-mutuels.Affiche aussi les favoris des ces contact___trés utile

June 2007

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flickr tags link to photos link to tags in a swirling dynamic graph of a conversation... what does your tag brain look like?

September 2005

GMiF - (Google Maps in Flickr) Flickr Contacts_+_LfVr -(a Lightweight flickr )ViewerYuan.CC Web Experiments

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There's an easy way to see your geotagged photos on Gmap without leaving flickr. Just install the greasemonkey script to your firefox and see your photos shown on map right away. There will be a button added at the right-most of button bar if the photo is