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BIB - Amazon ASIN - Recherche Google

Many hacks and features depend on knowing a product's Amazon ASIN; here are a few ways to track it down. ASIN stands for Amazon Standard Item Number, and every product Amazon sells has one. It's a number that's unique to Amazon, and it is at the center of the Amazon universe.


BIB - Librarything propose maintenant un webservice alternatif pour les jaquettes, comme c’est annoncé ici :

....cela pourrait être proposé aux anti-capitalistes, jusqu’à ce que Google ou Yahoo rachète LibraryThing…effectivement Librarything propose 1 million de couvertures libres : "A million free covers from LibraryThing : A few days ago, just before hitting thirty million books, we hit one million user-uploaded covers. So, we've decided to give them away—to libraries, to bookstores, to everyone. The basics. The process, patterned after the cover service, is simplicity itself: 1. Take an ISBN, like 0545010225 2. Put your Developer Key and the ISBN into a URL 3. Put that in an image tag, like so: 4. And your website, library catalog or bookstore has a cover."