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March 2009

Introduction to CalDAV Support - Google Calendar Help

With CalDAV support in Google Calendar, you'll be able to view and edit your Google Calendar events directly in other calendar applications, such as Apple iCal or Mozilla Sunbird. Any changes you make in other calendar applications will automatically appear in Google Calendar the next time you sign in (and vice versa). If you use other calendar applications while offline, changes you make will be saved and updated in Google Calendar when you get back online.

November 2007

BirdieSync___Solution pour utiliser Thunderbird & Activesync :

C' est une surcouche à ActiveSync, élément indispensable pour synchroniser Windows Mobile 6.Pour qu’il fonctionne, il faut d’abord installer Lightning, le calendrier by Mozilla. Configuration (simple)

BirdieSync ______Synchronization with Thunderbird,

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Allows synchronization of your contacts, appointments, tasks and mails between Pocket Outlook™ on your mobile with Thunderbird™ on your PC. Based on ActiveSync® technology and the Windows Mobile Device Center.