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March 2010

amf | blog ยป Flickr group admin hack - a javascript that changes the url of the promote button

Do you know how to interact through all the HTML a tags of the document.body and replace the text in each href attribute using javascrit? No? So this page is not for you. Use it at your own risk. It's basicaly a javascript that changes the url of the promote button so you can click no a user on members tab and that user go to moderators tab instead of admins tab.

October 2008

warn+delete GreasmonkeyScript By Schmickr:

warn+delete : Send messages to group members and optionally eject or ban them at the same time. This script is a modified version of Steeev's famous script. My version lets you save messages with a label to make it easier to identify saved messages. It also has less aggressive defaults.

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