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26 December 2010 12:45

BIB - Greasemonkey Script - Exemple - weRead Amazon Exporter for Greasemonkey - Inspects the weRead book shelf (Facebook) page on for Amazon products and displays a list of ISBN or ASIN.

I wanted to try Google's Books library which supports importing a list of comma-separated ISBNs. Since weRead doesn't support exporting your book shelf I wrote this script to show me ISBNs or ASINs parsed from the Amazon thumbnails. Instructions * From Facebook: Visit and use the Connect button to log in via Facebook Connect. * Navigate to * To export just your "Read It" list, first click the link next to "Show All Books" * To export all your books, click "100" to view as many books as possible * You'll need to export each page since this script can only see one page at a time * Use the Export command from Greasemonkey's command list

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