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01 February 2011 20:30

Google Ultimate Interface et Soople : Other Search Forms - Google Guide

Google Ultimate Interface: If you want to specify what you’re looking for with more precision than Google’s Advanced Search form offers, try the , a third-party application available at With the Ultimate Interface you can: * Search with any of Google’s search engines, i.e., Web Search or some of the tools in the Part named Services. * Find pages that have been updated between any two specific dates * Select letters with practically every different kind of diacritical marking, such as umlauts or accent marks, from the keyboard near the bottom of the page. Soople: If you’re not sure of all the types of information that you can search for with Google, check out Soople, I describe many of the capabilities included in Soople in the Parts Understanding Results and Search Tools.tags (keywords): advanced search, narrowing search, queries, soople, ultimate interface