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FIR >57 - DEV - Firebug + FirePath alternative ? - Is there a CSS/XPATH checker, now that firefinder is gone? | Forum d’assistance Firefox | Assistance de Mozilla

The Developer Edition is the replacement for Firebug, I know you can right click and copy the css or xpath, but thats not what I am asking. I am asking about the functionality that was provided by firefinder add on. Does FF offer that somewhere now that firebug was removed and added to the developer version.

CSS - FirePath :: Reviews :: Add-ons for Firefox

An alternative or Update ? Rated 5 out of 5 stars by decembre on Feb. 21, 2018 · permalink When i write an Userstyle it is (was) the primary tool i use with Firebug. Now i search an alternative for this great tool: The devtool don't give us the possibility to search or test a specific CSS selector like Firepath do. And in an other hand the DevTool is less useful than Firebug (it don't give an easy way to identify in which userstyle a CSS rule is - with an human reading way)

USERSTYLES - JAVASCRIPT - Convert an Userstyle into a greasemonkey script ? -

I have an huge Style , impossible (for me) to compress more to publish here ... I want find a way to convert it , automatically if it is possible, into an greasemonkey .

USERSTYLE - REQUEST (2013 / Closed 2014) - Installing user styles from different sources & Style metadata · Issue #165 · stylish-userstyles/stylish · GitHub

I see no documentation about this and I have few suggestions about it. I think this is a must-have feature for the freedom of users. A user should be able to install styles from other sources. Example: User goes to User clicks on the link ( Stylish detects the link by ".user.css" component Stylish shows a dialog: "Would you like to add this site to allowed domains list?" └► This dialog is only shown once and shown when it is required └► Domains can be removed/set/added from User Styles tab in about:addons User clicks "Yes" Stylish shows another dialog "Would you like to install this style?" User clicks "Yes" The style is installed.


JAVASCRIPT - How do I include a JavaScript file in another JavaScript file? - Stack Overflow

Is there something in JavaScript similar to @import in CSS that allows you to include a JavaScript file inside another JavaScript file?

USERSTYLES _ GitHub - Referencing a .css file in github repo as stylesheet in a .html file - Stack Overflow

First Visit RawGit as suggested earlier Next copy your file path from github into the RawGit box RawGit will automatically produce two refrences to your web page The Development and Production refrence refrence the development link in your webpage if you are still developing save/upload then reload your webpage if there was no change it means your browser has saved your former refrence clear your browser data then reload Hope that helps?

USERSTYLES - HACK - Load in Stylish button for my own site? - 2013 -

To save other people some grief, I want to note that the different hosts in extensions.stylish.install.allowedDomains are SPACE separated. I assumed comma and it really tripped me up. I apologize for resurrecting a few old threads, but I just happened on one after another trying to figure this out. I want to avoid anyone else getting stuck like this

USERSTYLES - Greasemonkey - Forum request 2006 - GreaseMonkey List - User scripts on

I'm the administrator of I want to start offering my styles to Greasemonkey (and similar) users. For applicable styles on, just plunk "/style.user.js" at the end of the URL. (For example, ). Not all styles on the site can be converted into user scripts. For example, those affecting chrome wouldn't work. Those styles will return a 404 if you try to open their styles. I'd like some feedback on the format I'm using. Is the code the best it can be, are there problems with meta-data, etc. Thanks.

USERSTYLES - DeviantArt Forum - 2014 - Installing UserStyles directly from dA – DeviantArt

Instead of having to get an account, it would be much easier to be able to install user styles directly from dA. The process for the upload could be similar to what we have with installable skins right now (based on .txt files with mandatory wrapping code). Imo it's also more logical if dA styles would stay on dA. No need to rely on outside sources. If implemented there needs to be an way to be able to update styles though, to work on bug fixes or do updates from time to time. Similar to the installable skins, you then would have an install button at the deviation page of those styles directly. This would be less scary for people who are warned that there are monsters outside dA and - which would be another big plus (i am totally not biased here lol) - it would make miscats to that gallery nearly impossible.



XPathBuilder : construiser facilement vos requet XPath , Atteint de JavaScriptite Aiguë [Cyril Durand]

Je sais pas pour vous, mais à chaque fois que je dois utiliser et donc créer une requete XPath il est toujours compliqué de mettre en place un systéme pour tester nos expressions. Quand j'utilise .net ça se termine souvent par un point d'arrêt au moment de faire la requête XPath et je testais mes différentes expressions directement en debug. Sinon, si j'avais à faire une requete XPath dans du XSLT je n'avais pas encore trouvé de bidouille pour tester :-) C'était donc vraiment pas l'idéal ! J'ai par hasard découvert aujourd'hui (merci Etienne et Danuz) un petit logiciel en freeware vraiment sympathique : XPathBuilder ! Evidemment il est écrit en .net.

Modify Headers - Modify and filter http request headers - Extension Firefox

Add, modify and filter http request headers. You can modify the user agent string, add headers to spoof a mobile request (e.g. x-up-calling-line-id) and much more. Take a look at the help tab of the Modify Headers window...

Curiosity is bliss: XMLHttpRequest - Security Bypass

While trying to help Dare make his MovieFinder page run in Firefox, I ran into an issue that can make developing AJAX applications a pain: when testing your pages, you need to host them in the same domain as your services. I explain the details of the problem and how the "XMLHttpRequest - Bypass Security" Greasemonkey user script solves it. Note: this script is meant for development only, as it gives the page access to a potentially dangerous API. The default @include is "file:///*", but feel free to restrict it even further to the path for the pages you're trying to tweak. You should never have to @include an http ur

Books.htm - How to Find Ebooks on the web - (Hack) - by Fravia+ (2006)

How to find any text, any book, any journal or any poem - Requetes Google et sites web. Introduction Project Gutenberg Full-length electronic texts Eserver Collections on specific subjects Searching books Et ab hic et ab hoc History of the e-book scene Journals Poetry (and Lyrics) Our own library Universal library for personal use Google & Amazon book searches


Google Hacks - Automatiser les requêtes complexes - La solution

Google Hacks est un logiciel open source totalement gratuit qui permet de générer automatiquement des requêtes complexes pour rechercher de la musique, des livres, des programmes, des polices, des vidéos, etc.

Tamper Data - TamperData is an extension to track and modify http/https requests - Recherche Google

Permet de voir toutes les requêtes HTTP/HTTPS envoyées par votre navigateur (y compris par les plugins comme Flash)__How to hack a final price and pay what you want for a product __To view and modify HTTP/HTTPS headers and post parameters. Trace and time http response/requests___How do you use tamper data on AW surveys without getting flagged?__To hack flash game scores Video on AOL Video - This is a video tutorial explaining how to__Observing Live Response Headers with TamperData.