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March 2007

Picasa2flickr: Flickr API

Yes there is a beta version, you can find it on It's pretty easy to test (if you have the last version of Picasa under windows): you just have to put a file into the 'buttons' directory of Picasa, and use the new "Send to fl

Picasa2flickr - Flickr Plugin Export for Picasa ( Updated for Picasa 3 Beta)

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Based on the proof of concept provided by Tabblo and using the nice flickj api, picasa2flickr provides a kind of plugin to picasa that allows users to export their photos to flickr. The mechanism: 1. Using a custom "BlogThis" Button, picasa posts XML data

December 2006

plugin KSTR___Streaming K!TV sur Freeplayer___Tutoriels

Utilisation du plugin KSTR 1beta2 pour K!TV 2.4beta2 La dll K_KSTR.dll est a copier dans le répertoire plugin Les autres dll (ogg.dll, vorbis.dll, PluginMsg.dll) sont a copier dans le répertoire de K!TV.exe La fréquence d'échantillonnage du son d

November 2006

April 2005