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November 2008

Utiliser Freephonie via Fring pour appeler à l’étranger (20 December 2007)

Depuis quelques semaines, Free a bloqué les appels internationaux en utilisant ce service, et a du coup grandement pénalisé les utilisateurs de la VoIP Freephonie. Cependant une astuce a été trouvée sur, elle consiste à faire une manipulation rapide sur votre téléphone pour retrouver la possibilité de passer des appels internationaux via le SIP, via fring si vous vous en servez pour utiliser la Freephonie. La voici: * Allez dans Options / Call / SIP Call puis tapez *61*(numéro à l’étranger)*5# et Call * Allez dans Options / Call / SIP Call puis tapez votre propre numéro Free et Call, la ligne de la Freebox sonne pendant 5 secondes puis survient renvoi d’appel vers le numéro étranger… * Après la communication allez dans Options / Call / SIP Call puis tapez #61# et Call (annulation du renvoi) Tags: fring, VoIP, mVoIP, free, freebox, freephonie, SIP

S60/Nokia phone specification (actualisés)---Donne les systhemes Symbian pour chaque modéle

Donne les systheme Symbian pour chaque modéle ______One of the problems with Series 60 (S60) is the sheer number of devices that have been released and that are upcoming. Knowing which ones do what and matching them up to your needs is a tricky task. Which is why I've set out to help you, below. Hope you find it useful! Compiled by Steve Litchfield. Page last updated September 2008.

January 2008

SISWare (soft pc gratuit)__Best tools for Symbian Application Install package builder- Recherche Google

SISWare is the best tools for Symbian Application Install package builder. SISWare providing as freeware and supports sis and sisx file for Symbian9.x and ...

Carbide - Recherche Google__Development tools from Nokia

Carbide is a new generation of mobile development tools from Nokia. More than just a new name, Carbide is a deliberate move to unify Nokia's ...

JIWIRE Portable Hotspot Locator - Recherche Google

JiWire Portable Hotspot Locator ( logiciel gratuit permettant une consultation hors ligne de la base des points Wifi:

S60 3rd edition software (Nokia E90,N95,N93,N71,N73,E61,E65,E70,3250,...) by SmartphoneWare

S60 3rd edition software (Nokia E90,N95,N93,N71,N73,E61,E65,E70,3250, etc)

S60v3[OS 9.1]-All Queries,Faqs & Discussion Here Only! - Page 3 - Imserba Cell Phones Forum

You wants a specific application then please look out that in "s60v3 application index" created by me see my signature for link please do not put any demand over here. Unsign cr4cked applications need to be signed by or self sign method

Sticky!!! E61 Shortcuts and Secret Codes v.1.0.3 (updated 10.02.2006)

Sticky!!! E61 Shortcuts and Secret Codes v.1.0.3 (updated 10.02.2006) September 13th 2006 Posted in Uncateg

How to sign unsigned applications for Symbian__Solution is to register a email address

For the registration at Symbian Signed, a special email address is required, because SS does not want anybody to register. That’s why most of the famous freemail addresses are locked. However, a solution is to register a email address.

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