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14 March 2010 03:45

e2publish (Beta) - to develop an online desktop publishing application - Daniel Freeman (MAC et maybe PC)

This is a work in progress. The first beta test prototype of an ambitious idea. The vision is to develop an online desktop publishing application that would ultimately create documents that resemble the pages of a magazine. In the future, I'd like to create a service that allowed many authors to contribute to online publications, and also manage subscribers. I made the layout and placement of images very powerful. A user can easily drag images and drop them to break up text, even between columns. Wherever images are placed on a page, the text arranges itself to wrap around them. This is the only flash-based word processor that incorporates such a powerful capability. Please try out this early prototype. I'd love to know what other developers think. How it can be improved? Suggested new features and bug reports? Known limitations with this beta version: Picture resizing can be a bit wobbly...... Actually, I haven't even tried this application on a PC.

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