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23 April 2009 - Tags on left, meta on right |

Move the tag chain to the left and left-align it, and move all the various things that end up in the "meta" div to the right. What the meta div holds depends on the page you're viewing. When viewing your own bookmarks, the meta div contains the group of action links (share/edit//delete). On the Network view and when browsing the site by tag, it holds the account name of the person who contributed the link. On the search results page and when browsing Popular bookmarks, it has the "First saved by" information.

07 April 2009

delicious star rater for Greasemonkey

by 2 others
Rate your most favourite bookmarks on with an awesome star-rater. Rated bookmarks may be highlighted within the bookmarks list for easy recognition. The script uses a star-tag (★) for the rating.