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May 2006


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IssueTrackerProduct is... ...a help desk/issue/bug tracker web application and Open Source under the ZPL license ...built in Python using the Zope web application ...very easy to use and power features are by default switched off ...fully cro

April 2006


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Weed is a ruby on rails web statistics application

Welcome to phpAdsNew / Open-source ad server

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phpAdsNew is an open-source ad server, with an integrated banner management interface and tracking system for gathering statistics. With phpAdsNew you can easily rotate paid banners and your own in-house advertisements. You can even integrate banners from

OpenAds Trac System - Trac

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Max Media Manager is a set of tools which enable online marketing campaigns. Written in PHP, Max is based on phpAdsNew. The core modules include an Ad Server and Conversion Tracking Tools. The most recent version of Max also has an API for extension modul


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Wink is a Tutorial and Presentation creation software, primarily aimed at creating tutorials on how to use software (like a tutor for MS-Word/Excel etc). Using Wink you can capture screenshots, add explanations boxes, buttons, titles etc and generate a hi

March 2006


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Peastat is a simple, free, 'live' web stats analyser. Peastat works differently to other web stats tools: it looks at the last chunk of your log file to create real-time summaries of recent user activity. What you lose in trend analysis - which you're pro

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cronolog is a simple filter program that reads log file entries from standard input and writes each entry to the output file specified by a filename template and the current date and time. When the expanded filename changes, the current file is closed and

February 2006

Inlab: Balance

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powerful generic tcp proxy with round robin load balancing and failover mechanisms. Its behaviour can be controlled at runtime using a simple command line syntax.


Heritrix is the Internet Archive's open-source, extensible, web-scale, archival-quality web crawler project

ASPseek: free search engine software

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ASPseek is an Internet search engine software