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June 2006

v9fs - 9P Linux implementation

v9fs provides a Plan9 9P resource sharing protocol for the Linux 2.6 kernel.

May 2006

RimuHosting - Linux/Xen VPS Hosting | Tomcat JSP Hosting | JBoss J2EE Hosting

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RimuHosting specialize in Linux Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting plans using Xen.

February 2006

The Linux Virtual Server Project - Linux Server Cluster for Load Balancing

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The Linux Virtual Server is a highly scalable and highly available server built on a cluster of real servers, with the load balancer running on the Linux operating system.


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MogileFS is our open source distributed filesystem

Simple Linux Utility for Resource Management

SLURM is an open-source resource manager designed for Linux clusters of all sizes. (PBS Replacement)

PDSH - Parallel Distributed SHell

Pdsh is a high-performance, parallel remote shell utility.


Cerebro is a collection of cluster monitoring tools and libraries. This project has been named after a part of the central nervous system to pay homage to the Ganglia project. A heavily modified version of Ganglia was once used at Lawrence Livermore Natio

Lustre: scalable, secure, robust, highly-available cluster file system

Lustre is a scalable, secure, robust, highly-available cluster file system

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