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15 March 2007

Making Tea 3: The Bottomless Cup of Chinese Tea

The Chinese method for making tea depends on a lengthy brewing period, by which a pot can be made to last an hour or longer.

Making Tea 2: Getting the Best out of Darjeeling or Earl Grey

These teas do not have the raw power of the strong black teas, but instead they offer a range of delicate flavours that must be brought out by careful preparation of the tea.

Know Your Teas, Drink Them Right

If you can figure out what type of tea it is, at least you’ll know how to brew it and what to expect.

Making Tea 4: Making Billy Tea the Australian Way

This is the traditional way of making tea in the Australian Outback.

10 March 2007

Making Tea 1: How to Brew a Great Cuppa

It is amazing how few people know how to brew the kind of refreshing, invigorating tea enjoyed by the English-speaking world for a couple of centuries. This is by far the best way for strong black teas such as Assam from India, Ceylon from Sri Lanka and blends like English Breakfast.

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