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Easy creation of web sites - wisiwig

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Create a free website. Fast. Free. Easy. Now.


Seznam CSS galerií moderních webů

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Moderní, graficky pěkné webové stránky si na internetu jistě zaslouží speciální pozornost. Té se jim dostává díky tzv. CSS galeriím, do kterých jsou takové stránky zařazovány. Na této stránce naleznete seznam celkem 50 webových galerií ze kterých čerpají inspiraci webdesignéři po celém světě.

Most Inspired | Home

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Most Inspired aggregates designs from all the popular css and design galleries.

Test your web design in different browsers - Browsershots

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Test your web design in different browsers What is this? Browsershots makes screenshots of your web design in different browsers. It is a free open-source online service created by Johann C. Rocholl. When you submit your web address, it will be added to the job queue. A number of distributed computers will open your website in their browser. Then they will make screenshots and upload them to the central server here.

CSS Mania

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CSS Mania was born in March 2004 as section on the personal blog of Gabriel Segura as he loafed around the few CSS Showcases that existed during that time.

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S is part of the FeedMeNetwork of sites. FMCS’s ( otherwise know as sole purpose is to fund interested communities’ need for new online and offline creative endeavors. Within this site you will find a variety of news feeds available from various sources on the cutting edge of social, creative or technological change. But basically we have a love of creativity at heart and a deep appreciation for how different creative media fuel each other. We got frustrated looking at sites which are just dedicated to fashion, or sites that are just dedicated to web design. As far as we are concerned such websites are limited when it comes to providing inspiration or actively promoting the generation of new ideas. The essence of creativity is having an open mind. Let fashion ideas influence your web design; let illustration inspire your music generation. At FMCS we say mix and match and let your brain piece it all together in that special way that only YOUR brain can.

ClickHeat | What's hot on your website ?

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ClickHeat | What's hot on your website ? ClickHeat is a visual heatmap of clicks on a HTML page, showing hot and cold click zones.

XML/SWF Charts

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XML/SWF Charts is a simple, yet powerful tool to create attractive web charts and graphs from dynamic XML data. Create an XML source to describe a chart, then pass it to this tool's flash file to generate the chart. The XML source can be prepared manually, or generated dynamically using any scripting language (PHP, ASP, CFML, Perl, etc.) XML/SWF Charts makes the best of both the XML and SWF worlds. XML provides flexible data generation, and Flash provides the best graphic quality.

Vitaly Friedman's Notebook

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This is Vitaly Friedman's Personal Notebook. Vitaly Friedman is a freelancing web designer from Saarbruecken, Germany, who creates simple, accessible and user-friendly web design.

ClustrMaps - Hit counter map widget shows locations of all visitors to your site - free

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See at a glance where your site's visitors are located: instantaneously, even when the numbers are enormous!

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Track your online presence with maps Keep track of who is looking at your websites and emails, how frequently they come back and where they come from, made simple


Web Design Library — One-stop resource for web designers

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Tutoriály - hodně obsáhlý zdroj tutoriálu od Photoshopu, Illustrátoru, Flashe až přes PHP a JavaScripting

Current style in web design

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Webdesign blog information knowledge source

DesignCollector | Журнал для дизайнеров

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Pages about design, webdesign, журнал для дизайнеров

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