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April 2007

How To Ask Questions The Smart Way

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If what you want is to do Y, you should ask that question without pre-supposing the use of a method that may not be appropriate. Questions of this form often indicate a person who is not merely ignorant about X, but confused about what problem Y they are

March 2007

Bloomquist: Insecticides

I would like to thank Drs. Radcliffe and Hutchison of the Department of Entomology, University of Minnesota, for their kind invitation to contribute this chapter. I would also like to thank Dr. Dean Bushey of Rhone-Poulenc Ag Co. for providing informati

Remember that everything needs looking after to some degree or another.

February 2007

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The evolutionary progression of the control plane allows the support of multiple services on a shared network infrastructure. As cable operators look to support more than just VOD services, they can begin to consider other digital video services such as a

January 2007

humming bird nectar recipe

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1 part cane sugar/ 4 parts water ( no chlorine or fluoride) Measure and add sugar, at the rate of 1/4 cup of sugar to 1 cup of water. Let cool and store excess in refrigerator until ready to use.

St. Paul Pioneer Press | 09/30/2006 | White House in denial over Iraq? Yes, Woodward says

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But Tenet and Black felt that Rice gave them "the brush-off," according to Woodward, telling them that a plan for coherent action against bin Laden already was in the works. Woodward writes that Tenet and Black felt the meeting was the starkest warning th

The Jello Mold: min-width without scripting in IE, and a semi-liquid layout

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If you do not try to use visible elements that span the full width of this col or touch the right edge of the center col, the errors will pass unnoticed, as with this paragraph.

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The language with which the speaker has greater proficiency and/or uses more often (Baker, 2001). See primary language.

Those PS3s Sales Look Sluggish In Japan! - Kotaku

Anybody arguing about the 425 can shut the F*** up. Or maybe you would rather have them go back to 599 dumbasses. For 26 bucks more than a premium 360, you can get a 60 gig PS3. Quit your BITCHING!

The Washington Note

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Taking note of many reader comments over the past few days I have noticed a startling uprise in the amount of negative and dismissive feedback from some readers. Evidently those who expected us to be out dancing in the streets at the news of a Democrat la

Broadband Home Report: May 14, 2003 Issue

All in-home elements can be installed by the energy management service provider, including the broadband access gateway.

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