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04 April 2007

Spiritual Material: Disproving the Existence of God

Are we humans primarily spiritual beings...? or primarily material? Or exclusively one or the other? Similarly, is the world, the universe, primarily or exclusively one or the other? Are the spiritual and material distinct from one another, connected some

01 April 2007

Brainwave Suite - Dr Jeffrey Thompson Religion & Spiritual / Meditation

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Delta: Sleep & Rejuvenation - waves embedded within soothing ocean sounds and tones of Tibetan bowls relax you and lead you to restful sleep To fall asleep, simply allow the music to guide your brainwaves into rejuvenating delta sleep. To stay asleep,

27 March 2007

28 February 2007

Rise, Let Us Be On Our Way - Pope John Paul II Religion & Spiritual / Christianity

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"Rise, let us be on our way." "Let us go forth full of trust in Christ. He will accompany us as we journey toward the goal that He alone knows." --- John Paul II