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July 2008

April 2008

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Before you comment: If you are having an issue with a script, please make sure you have read the entire article. Also, please read through the comments because most common issues have already been discussed many times. Thanks.

March 2008

April 2007

Dynamic Drive: .htaccess password generator

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Q: For 3) above, what should I enter, if anything? A: If you wish your .htaccess file to password protect individual files within a directory, instead of the entire directory (default), enter the files names in this field, each separated by a comma if mor

Five free SMS services - Lifehacker

Text messaging fan Katie Fehrenbacher rounds up 5 services that bypass service provider SMS charges and send mobile phone text messages for free.

March 2007

February 2007

Yatam - Find out who goes where & when

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December 2006

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