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March 2007

GoF design patterns quiz

GoF design patterns quiz

Using padding in encryption

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Method 1 PKCS#7/RFC3369 method AES INPUT BLOCK = 48656C6C6F0B0B0B0B0B0B0B0B0B0B0B AES OUTPUT BLOCK = 42FF63CC06D53DA93F24389723E1611A Method 2 Pad with 0x80 + nulls AES INPUT BLOCK = 48656C6C6F8000000000000000000000 AES OUTPUT BLOCK = 97AFA1455DA9E2E1B

February 2007

/* Position Is Everything */ — Modern browser bugs explained in detail!

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A number of in-depth articles, with the emphasis on readability. We have tried hard to make complex subjects clear, and we hope you agree.