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March 2007

wg:Image Height and Width: depreciated?

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This lets me: use less redundant HTML code I can easily change things like padding, border and vertical alignment for all the emoticons (if I wanted to). the CSS is loaded pretty much instantly, so the browser applies the width and height before the

February 2007

King Mattress Size Width

by 13 others
Looking for information on King Mattress Size Width ? Please take a look around the site for all the Resources and the information you need.

Cascading Style Cheatsheet

by 57 others
TD {white-space: nowrap;} TT {white-space: pre;} list-style-type Used to declare the type of bullet or numbering to be used in an unordered or ordered list. Values: disc; circle; square; decimal; lower-roman; upper-roman; lower-alpha; upp

January 2007