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31 March 2007

30 March 2007

26 March 2007

23 March 2007

Stainless Steel Droppings

by 3 others
I have always associated the classical artists with romance. Whether the subject matter, the style of painting, or simply the fact that they existed long ago, their work speaks to me of elegance and style and love.

22 March 2007

Darkest Fear - Harlan Coben Fiction / Thriller / Crime

by 9 others
A gripping and touching tale of a fathers love mixed in with thrilling chase scenes, another unmissable piece from Cobden at his best...

21 March 2007

20 March 2007

16 March 2007

01 March 2007

Alan Bennett - The Lady in the Van - Alan Bennett Fiction / Comedy

by 15 others
An eccentric old lady moves into a quiet street in Camden Town. There she remains, installed in her van in glorious self-sufficiency until the council instructs her to move on. A kind homeowner invites her to live in his garden.

28 February 2007

26 February 2007

22 February 2007

19 February 2007

Next - Michael Crichton Fiction / Thriller / Technological

by 8 others
Devilishly clever, Next blends fact and fiction into a breathless tale of a new world where nothing is what it seems, and a set of new possibilities can open at every turn.

16 February 2007