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March 2007

MIT OpenCourseWare | Physics | 8.01 Physics I: Classical Mechanics, Fall 1999 | Video Lectures

The Video Index gives a breakdown of topics and the start time of the corresponding segment in each lecture. To access a particular segment, play the lecture in a RealPlayer window and adjust the slider bar to the designated start time.

Goodbye to American Dreamland / Congress receives testimony quoting Jan Lundberg

CAOE - Committee Against Oil Exploration - stop offshore oil drilling to protect sensitive habitats and cut petroleum dependence.

February 2007

Niels Ole Finnemann: Thought, Sign and Machine (chapter 2)

Furthermore, Boltzmann is almost prepared to desert the idea of analogical representation in favour of a semiotic description where scientific concepts are seen as an independent sign system (where the greatest possible mathematical determinism must be at

January 2007

Broadband Home Report: May 14, 2003 Issue

All in-home elements can be installed by the energy management service provider, including the broadband access gateway.