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October 2008

XHTML - myths and realities

It is difficult to find a web development language today which is as misunderstood as XHTML. In the following article we’ll examine why, sort out a few concepts that frequently confuse authors, and offer practical suggestions on real–life XHTML usage.

September 2008

Rock Solid Form Validation With xHTML, CSS and jQuery

So you know how to code rock solid HTML into your forms, you even know some styling techniques, but client-side validation is still a pain to implement.

Transformer le code html d’un objet flash en code XHTML valide W3C | Korben

Damdec, fidèle lecteur de s’est lancé dans la réalisation d’un laboratoire web (comprenez un site web :-)) dans lequel il règle de façon concrète certains problèmes techniques.

August 2008

Cheat Sheets for Front-end Web Developers

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Cheat sheets are helpful to have around because they allow you to quickly remember code syntax and see related concepts visually. Additionally, they’re nice decorative pieces for your office. In this article, you’ll find 23 excellent, print-ready cheat sheets for HTML/HTML, CSS, and JavaScript (including MooTools and jQuery). So go ahead – print out your favorites and pepper your workspace with these wonderful references.

April 2008

January 2008

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