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December 2008

Lilina, agrégateur RSS en PHP| Webmaster - Ressources et outils gratuits pour votre site internet - Free Tools| Free Tools, Le meilleur des outils gratuits pour webmaster

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Lilina est compatible avec les normes standards RSS et Atom et peut importer du “OPML”, la norme pour le partage de flux.

October 2008

Komodomedia » Blog Archive » jQuery Feed Menus

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When feeds became popular, it worked to have one icon on your site to point your readers to your RSS or Atom feeds. As feeds are more prevalent in blogs and websites abroad, the presence of multiple feeds abound. I have a feed for my blog, the nerdlab, my bookmarks, my friend feed as well as my twitter updates. That’s a butt-ton of feeds.

August 2008

█ Business Garden █ - Traduire un Flux de Syndication RSS automatiquement avec Mloovi

Que l' on soit anglophone ou pas, il y a tellement de blogs intéressants dans de multiples langages qu' il est parfois frustrant de ne pas pouvoir les suivre dans une langue que l' on comprend !

June 2008

Create a Slick iPhone/Mobile Interface from any RSS Feed - CSS-Tricks

We are going to create a web page that is formatted specifically for the iPhone (but would presumably be good for other mobile devices as well). This web page will dynamically fill itself with content from any RSS feed that you give it. The interface is going to be built to be easy to use on a mobile device, with large “touchable” areas and nice (jQuery) animations that whisk you between articles.

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