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October 2008

SitePoint Blogs » JavaScript Event Delegation is Easier than You Think

If you’re into adding a little JavaScript interactivity to your web pages you may have heard of JavaScript event delegation and thought it was one of those convoluted design patterns only hardcore JavaScript programmers worry about. The truth is, if you already know how to add JavaScript event handlers, it’s a snap to implement.

Éviter les événements trop fréquents — Performance web

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Les bons développeurs javascript utilisent les événements, à toutes les sauces. En fait quasiment tout ce qui est fait en javascript est en réaction à un événement. On arrive à deux problématiques qui ont un un impact plus ou moins important sur les performances :

September 2008

Scaling Day-By-Day

As a consultant, I deal with companies of all sizes. From new startups all the way up to large conglomerates. And I am constantly amazed at the old-world view to application scalability and performance.

Easy Parallel Processing in PHP | PHP Everywhere

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The proliferation of multicore CPUs and the inability of our learned CPU vendors to squeeze many more GHz into their designs means that often the only way to get additional performance is by writing clever parallel software.

June 2008

PHP Performance Series: Maximizing Your MySQL Database - Mike Willbanks : getting into the mind of a php developer.

In the first article of the PHP Performance Series, I focused on PHP Caching Techniques. This time I want to talk about maximizing your database. This article will deal mostly with MySQL, however, you should be able to note many of the different aspects even if you do not directly utilize MySQL.

April 2008

January 2008

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