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December 2008

Animated Drop Down Menu with jQuery and CSS

Animated Drop Down Menu - Learn how to create a great looking drop down menu with a slick effect using jQuery and CSS. Definitely useful and very easy to implement drop-down site navigation.

October 2008

Free Cross-Browser CSS Drop-Down Menu Framework

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Free CSS Drop-Down Menu Framework - Easily transformable, Cross browser and Super fast Drop-Down Menu Framework.

Using Javascript to Fix 12 Common Browser Headaches

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We advocate using CSS whenever possible, and we often successed. Modern browsers have very good support for CSS — it’s certainly good enough for you to use CSS to control layout and presentation. Sometimes however, certain page elements will appear differently in different browsers.

qooxdoo » Home

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qooxdoo is a comprehensive and innovative Ajax application framework. Leveraging object-oriented JavaScript allows developers to build impressive cross-browser applications. No HTML, CSS nor DOM knowledge is needed.

ActiveState - Free the dragon! - Dynamic Tools for Dynamic Languages

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Komodo Edit is a free, open source editor from dynamic language experts.

September 2008

Rock Solid Form Validation With xHTML, CSS and jQuery

So you know how to code rock solid HTML into your forms, you even know some styling techniques, but client-side validation is still a pain to implement.

August 2008

Date Badges and Comment Bubbles for Your Blog - CSS-Tricks

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One of the things you run into when your blog becomes bigger, is that you need to cram more info into less space, to make it possible to display all the information you want to show. One of the things I did to do that is add an icon for the date, and then a bubble over that with the number of comments in it.

CSS Menus | 13styles CSS Menus

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Download Free CSS Menus| RSS Choose from the list of CSS menus below to download / purchase the appropriate files to build your menu.

Cheat Sheets for Front-end Web Developers

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Cheat sheets are helpful to have around because they allow you to quickly remember code syntax and see related concepts visually. Additionally, they’re nice decorative pieces for your office. In this article, you’ll find 23 excellent, print-ready cheat sheets for HTML/HTML, CSS, and JavaScript (including MooTools and jQuery). So go ahead – print out your favorites and pepper your workspace with these wonderful references.

July 2008

Custom Checkboxes, Custom Radio Buttons, Custom Select Lists

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This JavaScript and CSS will allow you to use custom images for checkboxes, radio buttons and select lists.

All About Floats - CSS-Tricks

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Float is a CSS positioning property. If you are familiar with print design, you can think of it like an image in a layout where the text wraps around it as necessary.

June 2008

» 1000 ressources pour le développement web et WordPress : la grosse grosse liste « css4design

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Vous voulez un bon éditeur de page HTML et CSS et avoir sous le coude le maximum de ressources à portée de souris ? Cet article est fait pour vous si cherchez le bon plugin jQuery pour votre projet ou si vous êtes friand de liens pointant vers des ressources indispensables pour la création de sites web. Si en plus vous utilisez WordPress, c’est votre dossier Plugins qui va être content ! Le titre est trompeur : il n’y a pas 1000 ressources, mais bien plus à découvrir… Attention, cette liste est vivante et grandit avec vos suggestions !

A Guide to CSS Support in Email

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Designing an HTML email that renders consistently across the major email clients can be very time consuming. Support for even simple CSS varies considerably between clients, and even different versions of the same client.

May 2008

Welcome - doctype - Google Code

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Google à mis en ligne il y a quelques jours une ressource intéressante: DocType, la documentation complète DOM / HTML et CSS La documentation est très complète et ajoute aussi quelques articles fort intéressants sur les bonnes pratiques du HTML, des trucs et astuces, etc…

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